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How to claim and use free Candy Crush boosters won from Daily Booster Wheel

Candy-crush-booster-wheel-claim-prizeIf the "no connection" error doesn't stop you from spinning the Daily Booster Wheel in Candy Crush, then you are guaranteed to win at least one free booster.

But after you tap the "Claim prize" button that automatically appears after the wheel stops spinning and lands on an item, how do you actually activate and use the free booster?

Although it looks like nothing happens after you tap the button, you really did get your prize. Whether you can actually see/use it right away, however, depends on two things: 1) the booster and 2) the level you're playing.

Except for the Lollipop Hammer, which can be activated at any point during a game and is located at the top of every board, boosters can only be selected at the beginning of a level.

Before each level, you're shown the level number, stars, target score, level type icon, "Play!" button, and a "Select boosters" section. If the booster you won is playable in the level, you'll see it in the row with a number in the top corner of the icon. This number corresponds to how many of the booster you have; unless you hit the jackpot or already had the item (whether from the wheel or from buying them), this will most likely be the number 1.


Tapping the icon will activate the booster (indicated by a green checkmark). In the screenshots shown above, the Color Bomb I won from the Booster Wheel has been selected.

If you change your mind, tap the booster icon again and the green checkmark will disappear, indicating that the booster will not be used in the level.

Important: Not all boosters are available in all levels. For example, Jelly Fish are exclusive to jelly levels. So if you're not on a "clear all the jelly" level and you won some fish, you won't see them. But don't worry; when you get to your next jelly level, the fish will be waiting for you.

Notice in the screenshots that in Level 377, only the Color Bomb, Striped + Wrapped, and Lucky Candy boosters are available. If the booster I had just won before launching this level was not one of these three items, it would not have been shown in the list and it would have looked like I didn't get my prize.

So the next time you win a free booster, make sure it's actually playable in the level you're on before you start panicking!


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