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How to beat Level 202 in Candy Crush

Candy-crush-level-202 (1)Only a game that makes you hate chocolate could make you fall in love with and later resent Color Bombs (also known as chocoballs or sprinkle candies/cookies).

Welcome to Level 202 in Candy Crush Saga, otherwise known as "too much of a good thing."

The objective in this orders level is to collect (i.e., create and destroy) 25 Color Bombs and hit a target score of 30,000 points in 50 moves or less.

You start the board with 19 Color Bombs covered in caramel/marmalade/syrup/goop, which are blocked off by frosting blocks, so your real task is to create 6 Color Bombs of your own. Since there is only one way to make a Color Bomb—match five candies in a row or line—and there are only three rows on the board that are completely unobstructed at the start of the level, this is no easy feat.

Here are some tips to help you accomplish it.

Read through these basic tips first. These are a good starting point and should really be used in all levels.

Restart the level if you cannot clear at least one block of frosting in your first move. Ideally, you want to clear a block adjacent to (rather than diagonal of) a covered Color Bomb, as that will uncover it and put the special candy into play.

There's one exception to this tip. If you can create a Color Bomb in your first move, then feel free to stick with the board regardless of whether you can destroy a frosting block.

Candy-crush-level-202 (2)Clear all the Color Bombs as soon as possible. As soon as you expose two adjacent Color Bombs, combine them to destroy the whole board. While it may seem that the best way to tackle this board is to use each Color Bomb individually, you will often end up wasting too many moves doing so. And then you won't have enough moves left to make the remaining 6 Color Bombs on your own.

Depending on which two are combined (and how much frosting there is), the first combo may not take everything out. It's not ideal, as you really want as many moves as possible to make your own Color Bombs, but the level isn't doomed either. Just do whatever you can to clear the Color Bombs quickly.

Clear all the frosting. Although there's no real harm in ignoring the frosting, having a big open board with no obstacles is the best way to create Color Bombs. Most of the frosting will be obliterated by the Color Bomb combinations above, so clearing the leftovers should be fairly easy.

Make Color Bombs. Obviously. The only way to make a Color Bomb is for a candy to be moved (or to fall on its own) into the middle position of a line of 5 candies. This means you need to look for two pairs of identical candies separated by a different candy first. Then you can focus on a single row or column to try to get the "middle position candy" you need.

Know when to quit and start over. Trying to make a single Color Bomb, let alone 6, uses up a lot of moves. And there will come a point when there just aren't enough moves left to create and then actually use the Color Bombs. In a perfect situation, you need 2 moves for every Color Bomb in this level: one to make it, and one to blow it up. That means you need at least 12 moves for 6 Color Bombs, 10 moves for 5, 8 moves for 4, and so on.

It's already incredibly unrealistic to think that you'll only need 2 moves per Color Bomb, but since that's the best case scenario, if you don't even have that many left, then it's best to quit the level and start over. Playing each game to the very last move only wastes time and adds to your frustration.

Don't give up. Like all of the worst levels in Candy Crush, beating Level 202 requires a lot of luck. It may seem impossible to do, but it's not. The only way it can never get beat is if you stop trying.

Candy-crush-level-202 (3)


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