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How to unlock Candy Crush episodes without Facebook or money

Candy-crush-mystery-questsThere's nothing quite like completing an episode in Candy Crush. Not only do you get the satisfaction of beating the last 15 levels, but you also get a "Wow, splendid days!" graphic featuring Tiffi in a train/boat/plane. She's headed to the next episode . . . that you need to manually unlock. Talk about a buzz kill.

There are three ways to unlock more levels and based on what's usually included in the #candycrush Twitter feed, it seems that most people opt for the Ask friends option. This means bugging friends on Facebook for tickets. According to what is also in the hashtag feed, most people hate that; it's one of the reasons they turn off Candy Crush notifications.

Another way to fill the game map with more levels is to select the Unlock now! option, which corresponds to paying $0.99 for immediate access to the next episode. While $1 is obviously not a lot of money, if you choose to pay that amount before each new episode, you'll end up spending at least $33 (as of today, there are a total of 33 episodes in the game, 29 of which are available on mobile devices). And that's ridiculous for a "free" game.

The final—and best—option is the last one: Play quests! Selecting it allows you to play three Mystery Quests, which are randomly selected levels that you've passed before. The deterrent is that after you pass one, you're supposed to wait a full day before playing the next one; fortunately, there's an easy to eliminate the 24-hour wait.


When you complete all three Mystery Quests, the next episode is unlocked, giving you 15 new levels to play without annoying your Facebook friends or paying any money.

Note: Once you take the Mystery Quests route, you do not have to stay on it. You can start begging on Facebook or pay the $0.99 at any time, regardless of how many Quests you've started/completed. You may want to keep this mind in case a Quest ends up being one of the worst levels in the game.

Update 11/18/13: A fourth option to unlock new levels is now available.


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