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How to beat Level 165 in Candy Crush

Candy-crush-level-165Considering that Level 65 is one of the worst levels in Candy Crush Saga, it's probably only fitting that Level 165 seems impossible too.

The objective is to 1) collect 99 blue, 49 yellow, and 24 green candies, 2) hit a target score of 50,000, and 3) do it within 60 moves. The board—shown at right—includes candy bombs counting down from 7, Chocolate Machines in four corners creating chocolate, and a terribly uneven distribution of regular candies.

Because every board is randomly arranged and therefore different, there is no step-by-step method that can guarantee success. However, there are particular strategies that can help.

In addition to following all of the basic Candy Crush tips found here, you should also:

Focus on the blue candies. You need to collect 99 of them and honestly, you aren't always given enough. Match them when you can, but don't waste too many moves chasing after every single one you see. 

Ignore the other objectives. In your quest to get blue candies, everything else will happen on its own. You'll hit the target score and fill the yellow and green candy order without even trying. Using moves solely to do these things is wasteful, and you'll run out before you get enough blues.

Watch the candy bombs. You don't have to diffuse the bombs immediately, but they need to be watched and dealt with before your game comes to a premature end. Find out when candy bombs can be ignored.

Keep the top row clear. New candies fall from the top of the board, so it's important to make sure that it doesn't get blocked by chocolate. Use Striped Candies to clear chocolate that becomes unreachable.  Read more about chocolate and Chocolate Machines.

Clear as much as possible. 60 moves may seem like a lot, but it won't be enough if you're only making basic 3 blue candy matches at a time. You need to take out as much as possible with every move. The more you get rid of with special candies and combinations, the more new candy will drop. And some of that candy could be blue!

Don't worry too much about the bottom chocolate. You can't let the bottom chocolate get completely out of hand, as you need a board as full of candy as possible, but breaking every piece as it appears isn't necessary. It's more important to focus on the chocolate at the top, since that's what affects new candy opportunities.

Cross your fingers. Understanding the power of luck in Candy Crush is already mentioned in the basic tips, but it bears repeating here. Without luck, this level really is impossible. But sometimes after you've consistently failed, the game seems to take pity on you by giving you all the candies you need in your next try. And then of course there are times when it's sadistic and will only fill the board with an abundance of colors you don't need. Unfortunately, all you can do in this case is curse the game, try again, and hope you get lucky.



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