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How to unlock Candy Crush Mystery Quests without waiting 24 hours

Candy-crush-mystery-questsThe hundreds of levels that currently make up Candy Crush Saga are split up into 15-level episodes. And unlike typical games that automatically unlock new episodes/worlds as you progress through the game, advancing to the next episode in this case requires one of three things: 1) connect to Facebook so you can ask your friends for tickets, 2) pay $0.99, or 3) complete three Mystery Quests, one per day. In other words, beg friends, spend money, or wait a few days.

The last one is the least annoying and free, so it's what most players probably choose. Mystery Quests, by the way, are randomly selected levels that you've previously completed and that you need to complete again with higher scores. This means that those horrific past levels you thought you'd never see again could reappear to temporarily ruin your life. In addition to this ominous possibility, the problem (and obvious deterrent that the developers hope will result in an additional $0.99 deposit from you) with taking this route is the 24-hour wait between quests.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to get around the delay so that you can just keep playing.

Here's what to do after you've completed your first quest:

  1. Go to Settings > Date & Time on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Manually change the date to the next day.
  3. Open Candy Crush Saga to confirm that the second quest has been unlocked. Do not start playing.
  4. Go back into Settings > Date & Time and return the advanced date to the current date.
  5. Go back into Candy Crush Saga and complete the quest.
  6. Repeat to unlock the final quest.

Need more lives to pass a Mystery Quest? There's an easy way to get those too.


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