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How to backup Candy Crush progress without Facebook [iOS and Android]

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Candy-crush-facebook-logoIf you're not playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook or you're not signed in and connected to Facebook while playing on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Android device, then you could lose all the progress you've made in the game.

Facebook automatically backups all of your game data and keeps everything in sync across multiple devices. But without Facebook, all the levels you've passed in Candy Crush are only being saved locally on your device. This is fine for as long as your phone/tablet is functioning properly, but what happens when you need to do a factory reset, reinstall the game, or decide to get a new device?

Without a backup, you'll have to start from scratch, way back at Level 1. That's right. All the hours and the rollercoaster of emotions will have been for nothing. Your progress on the map and everything you accomplished will be gone forever.

But don't worry. You don't have to use Facebook to keep Candy Crush safe. Find out how to backup your game data on iOS and Android whether or not your device is jailbroken or rooted.

Backup Candy Crush on iOS with or without Jailbreak

iTunes and iCloud should backup game data, but since things don't always work the way they're supposed to . . .

  1. Download and install iExplorer on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to your computer and start iExplorer.
  3. When your device is recognized in iExplorer, click on the Apps folder.
  4. Click on the Candy Crush folder and locate the Documents folder inside it. This folder holds all of your game progress.
  5. Copy the Documents folder and save it in a safe location on your computer.

To restore your data, simply repeat steps 1-5 and copy this folder back into Apps > Candy Crush > Documents.

Backup Candy Crush on Android with or without Root

  1. Download and install Helium on your Android device.
  2. If you are not rooted, download and install Helium Desktop on your computer. PC users also need to install drivers specific to their device's manufacturer and restart their computers.
    • Connect your Android device to your computer and start Helium Desktop.
    • Start Helium on your Android device.
    • Follow instructions (if any) and wait until Helium is fully enabled.
    • Disconnect your device from your computer.
  3. Open Helium on your Android device and select Candy Crush from the list that appears.
  4. Tap the Backup button and select where you want the backup to be stored.

To restore your data, open Helium on your Android device, swipe the screen to access the "Restore and Sync" tab, select the location of your backup, then tap Candy Crush and the Restore button.

Note: Helium is only one of many backup apps available to root users. Popular alternatives include Titanium Backup and My Backup Root.


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