Candy Crush on iOS gets updated with more Dreamworld levels


If you play Candy Crush on Facebook as well as on your iPhone/iPad, then you know that there are almost always more levels available on your computer than on your mobile device. This is actually the way it's always been, but for those who have still been wondering (and asking me questions about) why Dreamworld only goes up to Level 65 on iOS when it's up in the 90s on Facebook, there's a new update that takes care of that.

Released yesterday, the latest update for the game on iOS delivers two new episodes to Dreamworld:

  • Twilight Egg includes Levels 66 to 80 and closes out World One.
  • Crazy Crossing includes Levels 81 to 95 and begins World Two.

These episodes debuted on Facebook about two weeks ago and are currently not available for Android.


Candy Crush developers trademark the word "candy"

Candy-tmBelieve it or not, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved game developer King's trademark filing for the word "candy."

Yes, candy.

The trademark covers video games as well as some related merchandise, which is why other candy-titled game developers are receiving letters from Apple's App Store, requesting that the offending games either be removed or proved to not be infringing upon King's newly awarded trademark.

Part of King's rationale is to "protect [their] players from confusion." It seems they think people will just blindly download and install any app with the word "candy" in its title.

Bets on how long before Candy Slots (one of the games coming under fire) becomes Sugar or Confectionary Slots?



Candy Crush T-shirt offered in pink and yellow


When confessing your chocolate addiction on a T-shirt isn't enough, it's time to go all out with this Candy Crush Addict shirt. It's honest and to the point, leaving no room for questions or uncertainty about your interest in the most downloaded iOS app in 2013.

The shirt can be purchased from My Social Tees in a pink women's cut for $17 and yellow unisex standard tee for $15.

Candy Crush leather iPhone case available for $12

Candy-crush-leather-phone-caseIf you didn't like the last Candy Crush iPhone case highlighted here at CCC because it lacked screen protection, then you might want to take a look at this leather flap case instead.

The built-in screen cover is printed with an enviable shot from the game featuring nothing but Striped Candies, which may help you overlook the fact that part of the score on the yellow candy in the bottom right corner is cut off. Another odd screenshot choice is the board layout. I mean, why choose one with a big empty "closed bracket" space almost smack dab in the middle like that?

That aside, the case is made-to-order out of "real leather and durable plastic" and ships from Vietnam.It's available for the iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S for a penny short of $12 at the link below.



Candy Crush Dreamworld update now rolling out to Android devices


Now that everyone playing Candy Crush on iOS has been exploring Dreamworld for a week, those of us toting Android tablets and phones can finally catch up.

Once it's actually available for us, that is.

The latest update to the game has just been released for Android in typical "varies with device" fashion, meaning when you'll be granted entrance into the new world and can access the other new features depends on which device you're using and what version of the mobile OS it's running.

It's not out for my Samsung Galaxy Note II with Android 4.3 yet, but it'll only be a matter of time before it is. The same goes for you, my fellow Androidians.

Candy Crush Saga named most downloaded iOS app in 2013

Candy-crush-app-store-top-downloadApple has released its annual "Best of iTunes" list, which compiles the year's top downloads of apps, music, and other media from its respective stores.

Topping the charts of free apps on the iPhone and iPad (and paid apps on the iPad) was none other than Candy Crush! Put another way, no other app was downloaded more times in all of 2013.

Considering the game has been installed more than a half a billion times within its first year of life, the title of No. 1 free app on iOS mobile devices should come as no surprise to anyone. But that doesn't make the honor any less sweet.

Congratulations, Candy Crush!



How to enter and exit Dreamworld in Candy Crush


The latest update to Candy Crush introduced Dreamworld, a night-themed map of updated old levels with new gameplay elements.

But how do you actually access and start playing in Dreamworld? And how do you get back to the original map you've already made so much progress on?

Just tap Odus the owl!

He lives in the top right corner of both maps, sleeping in normal day-land and wide awake in sleepy ville.

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How to quickly check how many jellies are left in Candy Crush jelly levels


Perhaps even worse than running out of moves when you have just one jelly left to clear in a Candy Crush jelly level is when you think you've cleared them all . . . and you didn't.

Despite your best efforts to regularly scan the board to make sure that no jelly is left behind, sometimes you just don't see those last few translucent squares nestled in nooks and crannies or hiding beneath various blockers. And even if you do actually count what's left to make sure you have enough moves to take care of them (because if you don't, it's better to quit while you're ahead), it's still easy to lose track, start celebrating, and then accuse the game of cheating when it says you actually only got 64 out of 65 jellies when you could've sworn you zapped them all.

To avoid the frustration, here's a quick way to check how many jellies you have left at any point during a game: press the quit button.

As long as you don't press the "End Game" button that appears, you're not really quitting the game. You're just pausing it. And in this paused state, you'll see an always updated and accurate ratio of the number of jellies you've cleared compared to the number of jellies in the level.

It's faster and more reliable than keeping your eye on every single jelly yourself, and getting back to the game is as instant as tapping the "Play On" button.

Daily Booster Wheel returns to Candy Crush

Booster-wheel-returnsJust as suddenly as it disappeared without a trace yesterday, the Daily Booster Wheel has returned to Candy Crush today.


Whether its absence was a glitch, its return is temporary, or the game developers brought it back due to the public outcry is unknown.

There's no telling if it is now here to stay forever or if it will leave us at some point in the future again, but all the matters is that it's back right now.

I was able to spin it a few minutes ago, and I'm sure hoping I'll be able to spin it again tomorrow. I'm also hoping I'll hit the jackpot one of these days. I appreciate free Lollipop Hammers and Color Bombs, of course, but they kind of feel like consolation prizes when there's a jackpot involved, don't they?

Whatever the reason, thanks for bringing the Booster Wheel back, King. Please don't ever take it away again!


How to beat Level 404 in Candy Crush

Candy-crush-level-404Although a few elements in Candy Crush are random, including the types of candies that fall and how they are arranged on a board, items like blockers and special candies stuck in syrup/goop are actually chosen and placed with purpose.

And just as you can sometimes use available boosters as hints to clear a level, you can use "trapped" special candies as clues too.

In fact, this is the key to beating Level 404.

The objective in this level is to clear all the jelly in 50 moves while scoring at least 55,000 points.

There are a total of 54 jellies:

  • 3 rows of 9 jellies at the top of the board
  • 3 rows of 9 jellies covered in multi-layered frosting/meringue blocks at the bottom

A row of Chocolate Machines complicates the level, not because the chocolate it produces absorbs candy but because it eats Jelly Fish.

Jelly Fish are the most important special candies on the board, and in general, they will determine your fate. It's certainly possible to pass Level 404 without using them wisely, but it is incredibly difficult.

So although the first step in all of CCC's level-specific tutorials is usually to follow all the basic tips to beat any level, even more important than that in this case is to protect the Jelly Fish.

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